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EASYVESSEL is transforming the traditional freight industry by moving its operations online. We connect Exporters and Importers with multiple Freight Forwarders with 0% Commission to get the best Freight Rate.

On the Easyvessel platform, Importers and Exporters can submit their inquiries for freight rates, and Freight Forwarders around the world who have registered on the Easyvessel platform can quote on those freight rate inquiries. This allows Importers/Exporters to quickly obtain the most competitive freight rate. Simultaneously, Freight Forwarders can tap into new business opportunities via the Easyvessel platform.

Our user-friendly interface allows businesses to secure the best Freight Rate with just a few intuitive clicks, saving both time and money. With our commitment to clarity and transparency, users can trust they’re operating in a straightforward marketplace.
What truly sets EASYVESSEL apart is its vast and dependable network. Imagine having access to an expansive directory of the top freight professionals, all available at your convenience.

In essence, EASYVESSEL is reshaping the freight industry, making it more streamlined, efficient, and user-centric. In short, Easyvessel is the best online portal to get the best Freight Rate. Embrace the future of Freight Rate with EASYVESSEL.

Our Mission

At EASYVESSEL, our mission is to simplify international trade by providing a direct and efficient platform for Importers and Exporters to connect with reliable Freight Forwarders. We aim to streamline the shipping process, enhance transparency, and empower businesses to expand their global reach.

Our Vision

We envision a world where Importers and Exporters can effortlessly connect with multiple Freight Forwarders, leveraging technology to achieve seamless and cost-effective international trade. Our goal is to be the preferred platform that revolutionizes the logistics industry, enabling businesses to thrive in the global marketplace.



Our multicultural and multinational team keeps the exporter and importer at the centre of all their efforts. We constantly look for how we can improve processes, decrease costs and, at the same time, increase profits for our customers.

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