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Drone Strike on Ship Carrying 20 Indians Near Gujarat Coast

Gujarat Coast
  • Indian authorities are on high alert after a drone attack struck a cargo ship off the coast of Gujarat on December 23rd.
  • The vessel, MV Chem Pluto, was carrying crude oil and had 20 Indian crew members on board.
  • All crew members are reported safe.
  • A drone attack struck a commercial vessel carrying oil from Saudi Arabia to Mangaluru 217 nautical miles off Porbandar.
  • This unprecedented incident sparked swift action from the Indian Coast Guard and Navy, who deployed both surface vessels and the Dornier maritime surveillance aircraft.
  • The Indian Information Fusion Centre – Indian Ocean Region (IFC-IOR) played a crucial role in coordinating the response.
  • However, the attack sparks concerns about a potential spillover from the Red Sea crisis.
  • Where Yemeni rebels have been targeting ships suspected of Israeli connections.


Quick Response Ensures Crew Safety

  • The Indian Coast Guard and Navy swiftly mobilized, deploying both surface vessels and the Dornier maritime surveillance aircraft.
  • The Dornier established contact with the distressed vessel, MV Chem Pluto, which had switched off its tracking system after the attack.
  • Thankfully, a fire onboard was extinguished, and the ship’s power is now back online.
  • Further checks are underway before it resumes its journey.


India Takes Action:

  • The Indian Navy and Coast Guard responded swiftly to the distress call.
  • Promptly dispatching warships and aircraft to the scene.
  • Their primary focus is on ensuring the safety of the crew and the vessel.
  • Investigations into the incident are ongoing, and authorities are working to determine the source of the attack.


Effect on Global Trade:

  • Furthermore, This incident has sent shockwaves through the shipping industry, raising concerns about the safety of sea routes in the region.
  • The attack could potentially disrupt global trade flows and impact the transportation of essential goods.
  • This attack near the Indian coast is suspected to be a direct consequence of the escalating tensions in the Red Sea.
  • Moreover, Yemeni Houthi rebels have been targeting commercial vessels suspected of involvement with Israel in the region.
  • The UKMTO issued the initial public alert about the incident, prompting swift action from Indian authorities.


Future Raises Concerns

  • While the immediate situation aboard the MV Chem Pluto appears under control.
  • This incident raises broader concerns about the safety of maritime transport in the Indian Ocean.
  • The potential spillover effect of the Red Sea crisis highlights the need for increased awareness and international cooperation to ensure the free and safe flow of goods through vital trade routes.



In conclusion, Drone attack on MV Chem Pluto near Gujarat coast prompts a swift Indian Navy and Coast Guard response. Crew safe; concerns arise over Red Sea tensions impacting global trade routes.

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  • U.S.-led Red Sea patrol force to respond to attacks by Houthis [1].

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