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Israel-Hamas Conflict: Impact on Indian Exporters and Trade

Indian exporters
  • In recent times, the Israel-Hamas conflict has created ripples far beyond the Middle East, affecting Indian exporters.
  • The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas may affect how people feel about the stock market, and it could also impact India’s trade with the region.The Sensex and Nifty, which are like stock market indicators in India, went up and down this week, similar to other stock markets around the world.
  • This happened because the price of oil was increasing.
  • If the ports in Israel are disrupted because of the conflict, it could stop trade from happening.
  • India has been doing a lot of trade with Israel, especially in things like agricultural products, chemicals, electronics, machinery, and vehicles.
  • This trade has doubled to $10.7 billion in the fiscal year 2023.
  • In this situation, Indian companies that sell things to other countries might have to pay more for insurance and shipping.
  • IT companies that work in Israel are keeping a close eye on the situation and making plans to keep their businesses going.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are worried because the region affected by the conflict is a big market for the important medicines they make.
  • The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has raised concerns for Indian exporters and traders, who may face higher costs and disruptions to their businesses.


Affect Indian Exporters:

  • Indian Exporters are crucial for the country’s economy.
  • They sell a variety of products and services globally.
  • However, there are challenges due to the Israel-Hamas conflict, which affects international trade.
  • It causes problems like supply chain disruptions, delivery delays, and safety concerns for Indian Exporters in that area.
  • To deal with these challenges, Indian Exporters need to have good plans to manage risks and stay updated about the conflict.
  • Additionally, the conflict has led to higher shipping costs because of increased security measures at ports.
  • To tackle these issues, Indian Exporters can explore new markets in safer areas and look for cheaper ways to transport their goods.
  • They should also maintain good communication with their logistics providers and customers to adapt quickly to any changes related to the conflict.
  • One of the main ways that the conflict is impacting Indian exporters is through rising shipping costs.
  • Shipping companies are charging higher rates to ship goods to and from the Middle East, due to the increased risk of piracy and other disruptions.
  • This is making it more expensive for Indian exporters to get their products to market.


Here is the Israel-Hamas war impact on Indian exporters:

Conflict Origins:

  • The Israel-Hamas conflict began over land disputes and has escalated into a full-blown war.

Shipping Concerns:

  • Indian exporters worry about the safety of their shipments and increased shipping costs due to potential trade route disruptions.

Uncertainty for Exporters:

  • The conflict’s unpredictability makes it challenging for Indian exporters to plan ahead or commit to long-term agreements.

Goods at Risk:

  • Rising tensions in the region raise the risk of goods being damaged or lost during transit, further complicating matters.

Cost Hike:

  • Shipping costs from India to affected countries surge due to fuel price fluctuations and higher insurance premiums.


Modifying Risks for Indian Exporters:

Proactive Approach:

  • Exploring alternative transportation routes and considering air freight when possible can help mitigate risks.

Strong Partnerships:

  • Building reliable relationships with logistics partners and securing comprehensive insurance coverage can safeguard against potential losses.


  • Staying informed about geopolitical developments and maintaining flexibility in strategies is crucial during this challenging period.



  • In summary, the Israel-Hamas conflict affects the Indian economy by increasing trade costs and potentially disrupting trade routes.
  • It can reduce the profits of Indian exporters, and its impact on trade will depend on the duration and intensity of the conflict.
  • Additionally, the conflict can affect India’s bilateral trade and collaborations with Israel in various sectors, making it a matter of economic concern for Indian businesses and the government.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Israel war can cause problems for India’s economy. It might lead to India spending more money on importing oil, which could make it harder to balance the country’s financial account. This could also make things more expensive, especially fuel, leading to inflation like we saw happen in 2022.

Israel primarily exports goods like high-tech products, diamonds, agricultural products, and chemicals. It imports machinery, raw materials, fuels, and consumer goods.

India’s annual exports to Israel are around $92 million. To put this in perspective, India’s total exports in the previous year were $25.4 billion, so the impact on the overall export volume is relatively small. From April to August of this year, the exports to Israel were $32.5 million.

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